Revnix is here to empower small businesses

Revnix started with the goal to empower small businesses by leveraging their online presence. We accomplish this in two ways:

We are currently working round the clock to launch our flagship digital services agencies within second quarter of this year.

  • Divative aims to provide dedicated developers or order one-off services.
  • WPRex provides WordPress focused maintenance and support services.

Revnix has also been a proud open source contributor for the last five years making contributions and sharing knowledge with the world via these fine products.

  • CodexSpot is an online platform, focused solely on web solutions. Our aim is to provide quality tutorials, DIY guides, and keep you up-to-date with web industry news and trend reports. 
  • Fontonix is an amazing collection of hand-knitted, subtly stroked font icons with a fresh look and feel for the new decade of the 21st century.

We also have WordPress focused open source products:

  • Alera – A WordPress starter theme
  • Avon – A minimalistic WordPress theme
  • EasyBlocks – A collection of most widely used WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

and more to help small businesses throughout the world.

Revnix is about exploring unique opportunities and making our subsidiaries prosper from those opportunities by providing them independence and strong leadership to build strong brands for each business.

Having each business operating as a separate entity with its own management will allow them to excel in their respective fields and give them the space to scale their aspirations. We will, however, diligently handle financials, provide executive support, and ensure each business is working in line with our vision.

We are committed to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to open source contribution in fact driving incredible growth for our businesses as well as for the small businesses Revnix was established to empower by utilizing open source technologies.

Learn more about Revnix and its businesses by visiting the about us page.

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